Healing Hearts and Nations (HHN) is currently in over eighteen nations in Africa and over fifteen major cities in India. My team and I have established transformational “Training Centers” that are spread throughout Africa. Two weeks of every month, each Training Center hosts 20-30 leaders from surrounding towns, cities, and nations for a transformational time. We provide room and board along with an amazing team that teaches and facilitates each meeting.

Besides our Training Centers, we have an orphanage named Lynsi Love Orphanage that has a school with levels 1-3. Many of these kids are from the slums with not much to survive on, let alone, thrive. This school educates and empowers them to get jobs and to be positive contributors to society. Additionally, we have a Water Well Project for the Massai people in Kenya that will provide an easier access of ample clean water for many surrounding villages. Currently, they travel by foot, miles one way, everyday to get their daily water. The worst part is that the water they travel daily to get is dirty leftover rainwater. We have also empowered a few different leaders to have their own businesses; for example, tomato and passion fruit green houses, car restoration business, African decoration business, African dress business (clothing), vending in market areas, and a music school that reaches out to the youth in the city and teaches them music and performance.

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For the last 11 years Healing Hearts and Nations has been producing transformation in over 20 Nations in Africa and over 8 Major Cities in India. HHN has proven that individuals who receive the healing and training and tool can become more productive and prosperous in every area of their lives and greatly impacting their communities. We have held annual conferences where we have the top leaders from over 10 Nations. Amazing things happen in the midst of these amazing people who truly want to succeed not just for themselves but also for the world around them.

Our vision is to heal broken hearts worldwide by bringing deep spiritual, mental, emotional and physical support to those living in misery, defeat, and hopelessness. Our goal is to make people more productive in their societies, giving them hope, empowering them to overcome adversity, to strive for a better life, and to move forward not shrinking back, transforming lives, changing the world one heart, one nation at a time.


Our mission is to raise the necessary funds to build Training Centers worldwide to facilitate this kind of deep lasting healing and transformation.


Our strategy is to train community leaders with the necessary knowledge and tools to be healed themselves and go forth into their nation and others; reaching them with the transformational message of forgiveness and restoration.