The Heart of the Matter

We were all created for love (warmth, nourishment, & protection). Broken people need faith, hope, and love restored to their lives. Love heals by offering safety, trust, transparency, compassion, empathy, understanding, patience, forgiveness, affirmation, and commitment. We are dedicated to bring healing to nations through these principles one heart at a time.

While healing those hearths we can heal the nations, make them better and happy, full of love and cooperation and unity for all, where everyone can help everyone making progress much faster and more efficient.

With love we can conquer hearts and with hearts conquer nations.

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Train & Equip

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In addition to bringing healing and transformation to individual lives, we believe that it is important to teach people tools that will last them a lifetime in healing themselves as well as others. Some of the tools we train our leaders with are: having functional relationships with ourselves and others, servant leadership, and building people instead of buildings and programs.


We believe that truth sets people free. Not only does it have the power to tear down strongholds, but it has the power to build up as it brings individuals out of bondage and death and into freedom and grace. We are committed to teaching truth through our foundational principles: face, erase, and replace; renewing your mind; and personal discipleship.

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