I was a disobedient daughter to my parents. I rebelled against them for everything including spiritual guidance. It was God’s will for me to attend this SCL Discipleship training. I was greatly blessed and enlightened by the teaching on transformation. I understood that in the transformational process there are 7 experiences one must undergo, and the very first one being personal salvation, that is to have a born again experience by the water and by the spirit. I never wanted to take water baptism as I had some hindrances and thought that it was okay to lead a Christian life even without baptism as long as I was attending church regularly. But by this teaching, I was enlightened and realized that I was nowhere close to starting my spiritual growth as I was not even spiritually born through water baptism. So, I was deeply convinced and decided to take water baptism. I have realized the strongholds of my flesh and repented of them. I want to give my life to Jesus and live for him and grow more in Him; I also want to be obedient to my parents. As a result God has blessed me with 85% in my high school main exams. Praise God! I thank God for the SCL ministry.