I was so bitter towards my husband who never spent any money on me or my daughters. I had to work and look after all the expenses of my home including my husband. He works but spends all the money on himself. So, I would always be rude to him and curse him, we used to have fights in the family because of this. But after I attended the Discipleship Training, I learnt about loving relationships, loving God, ourselves and others. I learnt about forgiving as Christ forgave my sins, and if I wanted God to forgive me, I had to forgive others. I was moved by the transformational process, strongholds of the flesh and how to pull them down. I have come to a realization and have repented for ill-treating my husband and cursing him. I would only pray for him and overcome all his evil with the goodness of the Lord. I thank God for all the teaching by the SCL ministry that has delivered me. I am now free from all bitterness and can love my husband now.