Healing Hearts and Nations Training Centers

Healing Hearts and Nations (HHN) has impacted over 22 Nations. HHN has established transformational “Training Centers” where two weeks of every month, each Training Center host’s 20-30 leaders from surrounding towns, cities, and nations for a transformational experience.

We provide room and board along with an amazing team that teaches and facilitates each meeting and guides the attendees every step of the way. In these training sessions, the HHN team educates, equips, and empowers them through training in topics such as health and fitness, developing faith and hope, communication skills, how to build healthy functional relationships, business and professional development and parenting skills to name a few.

Each Training Center creates a powerful ripple affect of transformation. Ninety percent of the people who come to our Training Centers are leaders who are in a position of influence. Whether business leaders, educators, leaders in government, youth leaders in school or parents they come receive our training they go back to their areas of influence and give what they received.

Lets do the simple math and see the impact we are making. One single two-week program from one Training Center equips at least 20 leaders each month. Each of those leaders has an average influence of 100 people and many of the people they influence are also leaders who influence others. But lets add it up as if they didn’t influence anyone else to be very, very conservative.

Ok, 20 leaders (one month 1 Center) and lets say only 10 attendees have an influence over 50 others (this is very conservative). 10 multiplied by 50 equals to over 500 people impacted in one month from one Training Center. We now have 7 Training Centers going on every month. With the same conservative math 500 multiplied by 7 equals 3,500 people who are getting impacted each month. In one year that comes out to 42,000 people impacted.

Each Center every month can cost from 5 to 8 thousand dollars to run. HHN is truly healing nations one heart at a time and we invite you to partner with us in this amazing purpose in educating, equipping and empowering people.