Lynsi Love Center Orphanage is a Community-Based Organization that came into existence 3 years ago. We were moved by the appalling condition that the orphans in the slums of Kayole, Soweto, and Patanisho live in.

I mobilized people with passion and we formed the organization with the following objectives :

  • To provide education to orphaned children – Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.
  • To provide a home for the vulnerable orphans.
  • To help economically empower widows living with H.I.V/ Aids to raise the standard of living through micro finance so that they can cater for the orphans
  • help educate the community on safe water, health and hygiene.
  • To create H.I.V/ Aids awareness among the youth
  • To buy land a build a school and a home for the orphaned.
  • We are currently have 10 volunteers working on the project.


We have 40 orphans now benefiting from our program. We plan to help 300 orphans when fully operational.

The biggest challenges we have is there is no permanent funding. We depend on few well wishers who gives donations or short term funding. We are also faced with ignorance from the community and we need more funds to educate the community.

If we get donations it will go on expanding educational facility to be able to accommodate more orphans who are on the waiting list. We will buy land and build a center that will be a pilot center to help cater for the needs of the orphans.


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