Water is Life

My name is Richard Martinez and I am the president of a Non-Profit organization called Healing Hearts and Nations.

Healing Hearts and Nations’ (HHN) mission is to raise the necessary funds to build training centers worldwide, facilitate deep lasting healing and transformation, maintain our orphanage and continue to grow it, to further develop our schools, empower people in business, and train leaders in churches through our training centers and annual conferences. We are now in over 22 Nations in Africa and also impacting in the US, India and Utah. We are amazed and humbled by the results that we have had so far.

HHN’s vision is to heal broken hearts worldwide by bringing deep spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical support to those living in misery, defeat, and hopelessness. Our goal is to make people more productive in their societies by giving them hope, empowering them to overcome adversity. We equip and empower them into a better life, and encourage them to move forward, not shrinking back, transforming lives, and changing the world, one heart at a time. We have seen so many rise to this calling and do amazing things.

We want to invite you to be a part of our newest project that is so important for many reasons. What is this project?

We are going to dig and establish a water well for the Maasai people in Kenya!

I have been honored to travel to Africa for the last 12 years and have been honored to meet some amazing people. In my journeys I have not only come across some great people but also great needs. In my last two trips, I saw one specific need that really grieved my heart.

The need is WATER and it’s not for their warm baths, pools, washing cars but it’s for their survival and the survival of their children.

They and the surrounding villages are in desperate need of water and HHN has committed to making this happen. I watched the older women of the families walk at least 3 miles, one direction, to get water everyday for their families. My contact in Kenya took me to the place where they get their water. It was not a good sight. The water that they were gathering for their families was from a big dirt hole filled with left over rainwater. This dirty water is the cause of so many sicknesses, diseases and deaths.

We stood at this water hole for about 45 minutes and started to drive back on a crazy dirt road and guess who we saw walking? We saw the women that had left their homes with their empty water jugs when we were leaving in our car. This was at least 45 minutes later and these women were just getting to the water hole. Just think about that…now they would still need to fill those jugs up and carry them back home. It takes many of these women about 2 ½ to 3 hours of their day just to get some dirty polluted water for their families.

Once we can place a water well in this one village, it would become a place of life for the surrounding villages. People from the surrounding villages would come here, where the water well is, and be introduced to our loving HHN team and educational programs.

Through relationship building the surrounding villages will end up in our Training Centers where they will be educated, equipped and empowered to live to their fullest potential. We will give water and training to these people and they will go back as more healed, powerful and effective people and in turn the ripple effect of transformation will continue.

Digging wells like this can cost from 10 to 20 thousand dollars. Every dollar helps these Maasai people some clean water. Be a part of this amazing vision because water is life!

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